Derica Shields
writer & researcher


Derica Shields is a writer, researcher and programmer from London. Her work has appeared in the New Inquiry, Rookie, Girls Like Us, Live Art Almanac, Flash Art and more. She is the co-founder of The Future Weird, a (now defunct) screening and discussion series centered on experimental, world-unravelling films. As part of a Triple Canopy commission, she is developing a multi-format oral history project comprising Black people's accounts of the UK welfare state. She is also completing Bad Practice, a book project to be published by Book Works.


Selected Publications
2020 - Feature: No Escape from Empire, Frieze
2019 - Review: Kara Walker’s Fons Americanus, Frieze
2019 - Review: Libita Clayton’s Quantum Ghost, Frieze 
2017 - Review: E. Jane’s ‘Lavendra’ at American Medium, Flash Art
2016 - Interview: Let You Be: A Conversation With Barry Jenkins, Rookie 
2016 - Interview: Life Syllabus: Santigold, Rookie 
2016 - Feature: Blackface at the Tate, Live Art Almanac
2015 - Essay: Bodied, Girls Like Us
2014 - Essay: Face Me, I Face You, The New Inquiry

Teaching & Research
Jan 17–Apr 17 - Co-teacher w/ Fanta Sylla, Cinema in Black Pioneer Works, New York
Aug 13–Nov 13 - Researcher for feature film on the Windrush generation, Cloud 8 Production
Aug 11–May 12 - Graduate Teaching Assistant, Cornell University

Programming & Events
2017 - A Heavy Nonpresence, ICA, London
2014 - Video-Farm, Trans-Farm/Apexart, Detroit
2014 - The Future Weird, Afrofuturist Affair, Philadelphia
2014 - The Future Weird, Museum of Art and Design, New York 
2014 - The Future Weird, Non-Resident Aliens, Spectacle Theater, New York
2013 - The Future Weird, Remote Control, Spectacle Theater, New York
2013 - In Search of a Black Atlantis, The Future Weird, Spectacle Theater, New York
2013 - Visions of Excess, The Future Weird, Spectacle Theater, New York