Derica Shields
writing, researching, programming

An Unfinished Conversation (2013)

A document of unfinished conversations: one held between the filmmaker and her mother, and the second between the British empire and its colonial subjects. As these conversations progress, a third dialogue emerges: between the filmmaker's mother and the grandmother that raised her. The film uses a range of visual material from national, personal and cinematic archives to rethink how stories of black migration are traditionally told. Iconic images of 1950s Caribbean migration to the UK are set beside intimate family photographs, clips from the 1935 film Princesse Tam Tam starring émigré Josephine Baker, and against a lo-fi recording of a woman recalling her arrival in 1980s London. These images and voices braid together to evoke the epic nature of black movement, motherhood, and the impossible desire for belonging.

gal-dem film festival, 2016
Bristol Radical Film Festival, 2014
Glasgow Film Theatre, 2014